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We are a consulting and services company specializing in the fields of building automation, more commonly known as "Smart Home" and "Smart Building".

Created in 2016 by a youthful and dynamic team, Homatic has since won over many clients and professionals in the business both for it's force of proposals and ingenious ideas and for the team's empathy towards it's valued customers and their desires.

Homatic's primary goal is to bring dreams to reality.


Make your wishes come true. Contact us to share your desires and let us grant those wishes for you ...

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Home automation is computerization of housing.

This involves managing lights, blinds, heating, as well as other devices in your home, such as multimedia, alarms, video surveillance, etc.

It therefore combines the confort, the security and theenergy saving.

The added value of home automation is the scenes creation through a App Control*.

For example, we are no longer talking about using a button to turn on a single light, but aboutatmospheres.

Examples :

- Your watering can be programmed such as it will know, thanks to a probe, when it is necessary to water, thus saving water.

- When you live home for the day, a single button can allow you to turn off all the lights in your home, close all the blinds, start the presence simulation and why not lower the heating, thus saving energy and costs.

* App Control : computer box making the connection between the home and interfaces such as smartphones, tablets or computers.

A smart home acts according to its environment combining confort, autonomy, scalability, security and energy saving to cut costs.

It adapts to your lifestyle. Likewise, it evolves around you.

Indeed, this is a house that makes your daily lives easier.

Thanks to us, your home will become cleverer.

Makes your habitat a place that resembles you by associating :


No need to put in any effort when you are at home.

Example : Gone are the days when we had to go around our home before leaving to check if all the lights have been turned off and if all the windows are properly closed, a single button allows you to do so when leaving.


It is about expressing changing desires.

Examples :

-It could be a change of job or working from home. There is then a need to have a proper office at home.

-After a certain age, moving around to open or close your blinds one by one becomes more and more difficult. It is therefore important to consider the future and to make a well thought out installation when the time comes.


To be reassured or simply out of curiosity, you can at any time be connected to your home and she'll tell you whatever you want.

Likewise, associated with the security, for any incident, you can receive an alert on your Smartphone or Tablet.


Your smart home will detect any change in the interior such as rain, wind, a drop in temperature or conversely an increase in the outside temperature.


The security of its home attracts more and more. We can talk about security in connection with an exterior intrusion but also in connection with internal incidents such as water damage, gas leaks or fire starts and safety of residents.

            Energy saving therefore financial

When you are away, what is the use of heating your home?

Your heater will come on a moment before your arrival, without even realizing it.

In the same vein, when we come to the period of the rain, it is not no need to water more. A probe will detect the moisture in the soil and water accordingly.

For construction or big makover, we opted for the the KNX standard.

This is a global standard, on which more than 500 global manufacturers are based on.

Indeed, the inherent KNX quality almost removes the need for maintenance .

There is no point in thinking that home automation is an expensive technology.

It was, but it is no longer.

It has been shown that a home automation installation focused on energy saving can make us save up to 10% of our monthly bill.

If your construction or renovation budget does not include a major home automation system, it is absolutely possible to integrate a home automation base (wiring in the walls) and to develop your installation over time.

This will satisfy you while regulating your costs over several years.

The return on investment varies between 1 and 5 years depending on the installation.





Today, technology is more and more accessible and more and more intuitive and easy.

Only the specialized companies in the domain can you guarantee easy use.

There is no deadline.

Technology is evolving and only the installed modules will need to be changed, as desired or if necessary, without affecting the installation carried out inside the walls.

The term " smart home " can be confusing, as we hear about the "Internet of Things" (IoT, Internet of Things)

Home automation encompassesautomation of a home and the connectivity between it and connected objects. Consequently, home automation and connected objects to complement each other.

This is thethe importance of calling professionals in the trade.

Security is a common issue today in any field.

Hardware makes it possible to secure the entire home automation installation of your home.

Feel free to contact us and we will know how to make your installation an ally to your safety.

A home automation system does not need the Internet to work.

Example : Pushing a button to turn off all the lights and close all the blinds when leaving your home, does not require the Internet.

On the other hand, for the wish for management by smartphone, Tablet or Computer, it will be essential to go through Internet or simply go through an internal network in your home.