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The reliability and durability of a solution requires the implementation of components meeting international standards, recognized by the largest number of suppliers. This is the reason why we have opted for the KNX standard.

In order to meet the needs and desires of our customers, we have been trained on brands appreciated by the general public for their wide ranges of products and their qualities.


"KNX Basic" Certification

Acquired knowledge :

  • Planning a KNX Project
  • Know how to do a study of the client's needs
  • Commissioning of a KNX installation
  • Know how to find faults on KNX installations.

"KNX Advanced" Certification

Extensive knowledge :

  • Lighting
  • Climate Control
  • Security
  • Multimedia
  • Data measurements
  • Remote management of an installation

KNX Expert


"KNX Tutor" Certification

  • Latest KNX certification level
  • KNX teacher
Automate Programmer

"Control4 Automate Programmer" Certification

  • Basic knowledge of Control 4 products
Associate Installer

"Control4 Associate Installer" Certification

  • Complete knowledge of Control 4 products

Lifedomus Certification

  • Knowledge of Lifedomus products